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AI is rapidly evolving; if you don't want to be left behind, you need to take action:

Bottom Line

Every industry is affected, and we all need to be willing to evolve, as well as work hard to create new jobs. Until/unless job creation is automated, people who can should work together to create new companies and employ people. 

As you explore, here is a suggestion to help you navigate the future: make an AI Playlist


FREE: D.A.T.A. Series: Discovery, Automation, Technology, and AI. All books include certification/certificate info.

An easy to read introduction to artificial intelligence for anyone who wants to navigate the waves of opportunity and disruption: students, professionals, government leaders.

Many readers around the world have found the book to be helpful.

Free pdf: https://tinyurl.com/tsunami-pdf

Free audiobook: https://tinyurl.com/tsunami-ai-audio

The main theme of the book is about three options for responding:

Encouragement: The good news is that ChatGPT and other tools are very powerful tools to help you learn new things, as well as to help you do actual work. ChatGPT can be a 1:1 tutor at any step of the way. 

Best wishes!

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Tech Skills 101 - A set of resources based on an excellent article by Wall Street journal from March 2023 that discusses skills that employers are looking for.